Organized Chaos

guys so I guess my boyfriend’s falling into depression and having trouble eating and sleeping and stuff…I feel like absolute shit because as his girlfriend I’m supposed to be there for him to talk and make him happier…and he’s gotten really bad in the last two weeks and only now is he talking to me about it…like we were really open and reliant on each other until this started slipping and now I just feel like the biggest piece of shit on the planet.
what do I do?
god it kills me because he has no friends left at school. no one stops to talk to him in the hallway. people drag my attention away from him, and he just ends up curled up on the ground and I can’t breathe I’m so worried.



i hate it when my “friends” just dismiss something i’m really passionate about like “oh you’re talking about that again” like shut up don’t ruin this for me do you know how many times i’ve pretended to care or even genuinely tried to get interested in what you like????? the least you could do is fake it rather than making me feel like a burden

This is one of the most hurtful things friends do

guys. tomorrow is field day and so I have to be super duper active and stuff and be running back and forth between things and ughhhhghghgh I just did like 500 plie squats and a shit ton of arm and back workouts and I’m supposed to be doing basketball tomorrow like hell that’s happening.

lovefeelingsforlife: Hello dear, just wanted to let you know your blog is amazing well done! I am so definitely following you! Could you please check my architecture website (there is a red link cool interiors in my blog, under the title) ? :) Thank you very much dear! :)

Wow, thank you! Also oh my goodness, I adore your website! <3

If you’re serious about getting back into exercising and stuff, I’ll be your workout buddy! If you like to work out with a buddy, that is. I mean, we live so close it wouldn’t be a hassle. Either way, lemme know. :)

BABE. I 100% would love for you to be my workout buddy. I’ve never had a workout buddy before. Just know that I’m probably leagues behind you. :P nah babe like really that would be wicked. I mean I follow the Blogilates regimen and calendar and stuff, because I currently am not really sure how to plan my own workouts. I know quite a bit, but not enough…like I dunno if you’d wanna do the exercise I do or if we’d find something different or whatever. c: like I worked out for an hour today. And man. Was it great. Cassey (the Blogilates trainer) is so fucking motivational I actually SMILE while she’s murdering my body!